So much has happened in the past few years that it is difficult for me to fully understand.

Our journey here on this earth is a wonderful gift from God.  I believe that God has a way of testing us and blessing us in ways we may not always understand at the time.

rebecca-portraitThis past summer I was privileged and blessed to meet and become friends with Ty and Suzanne Giesemann (author of “Messages of Hope”) and because of this meeting, my world has been changed forever.   I have been guided back to my original path, that of an Evidential Medium. To be an Evidential Medium means that I am able to give specific knowledge and information concerning the person I am communicating with in the spirit world.  Never does Spirit cease to amazing me with their willingness and ability to share information and much needed peace with their loved ones who remain on this side of the veil.

I have renewed my commitment to share with you the messages from the spirit world.  This is an honor and a blessing that I will never take for granted.  It is truly a humbling experience and I am so grateful for your trust and the trust of your loved ones who have transitioned into the spirit world.

Quantum physicists have shared with the world that everything in the Universe is energy.  I believe that this energy (knowledge of all past, present, future information) is stored within the Matrix and it is accessible to us by several ways, including the use of Remote Viewing.  I will continue to share my knowledge and experiences with Remote Viewing because I feel it is the most solid, reliable and scientific method there is to collect valuable information.   I will also continue to aid those who have lost their loved ones through acts of violence.  The voices of the victims should never be silenced.

Never forget that life is a gift, hold on to it with love and appreciation to our Creator.

A special thanks to all of you for your support, trust and love throughout the years!

~ Rebecca Arndt