Hello, my name is Rebecca Arndt.

I was born and raised in Utah, and my clients have included people who reside throughout the United States and Europe.  They have been physicians, politicians, prominent business owners, people in the entertainment industry as well as many law enforcement agencies.  I have successfully combined the belief system in which I was raised, with my abilities as a Master Remote Viewer and an Evidential Medium.  I have been priviledged to work on many high profile cases as well as many cases that their names and circumstances will never be seen on T.V. or in the newspaper, but was nonetheless very important to that individual and their families.

I earned degrees in Sociology, History and Criminal Justice and have a Master’s Degree in Counseling. Over the years I’ve attended and participated in countless seminars and workshops. Presently, I teach classes and seminars in order to share my knowledge as a Remote Viewer and Evidential Medium and to help others learn to develop their own personal abilities.

I’ve been trained as a Master Remote Viewer by Dr. David Morehouse, the world’s leading author and teacher of Remote Viewing and Spiritual Transformation.