The classes listed below are available as individual or group workshops, usually covering an intensive two days of study. Supplies are included with your tuition for all classes. For class pricing and availability, please contact me.

Coordinate Remote Viewing

There are two levels of Remote Viewing – Coordinate Remote Viewing and Extended Remote Viewing. Coordinate Remote Viewing is a prerequisite for the Extended Remote Viewing class, and teaches you the military foundation needed to successfully Remote View.

Extended Remote Viewing

Extended Remote Viewing (ERV) teaches advanced techniques, which allows the Viewer to experience the complete Remote Viewing experience.


This class will teach you how to receive information from the Matrix Field through the use of a signal line. The Matrix Field is the source within which everything is originated, stored and recorded. You will learn to detect and decode the answers to your questions by using this scientific method.

Map Dowsing

Map Dowsing is a method of finding people, places and objects and has been used throughout history by the military and law enforcement agencies. Several techniques will be taught during this class.

Intuitive Channeling

This class will help you learn to meditate and relax as you make the connection between the physical world and those who have passed over to the other side.  You will learn to raise your vibrations and be better in tuned with your own intuitive sensitivity while communicating with Spirit.