“The angels come to visit us, and we only know them when they are gone.”
~ George Eliot

Rebecca is truly gifted with the ability to articulate the feelings, images, sights and sounds from the other side. She does communicate with sensitivity, wisdom, humor and warmth. As for accuracy – WOW!! As I was writing this, I got a phone call from our lawyer. Rebecca had foreseen the lawsuit and its problematic complexities, but said we would prevail. Well, we did! This is only one tiny part of the many things Rebecca had discussed during our time togther…

Los Angeles, CA

The family of Steven J. Poulos would like to thank Rebecca for helping us learn more about the death of our husband and father who was murdered in our home by intruders that came to rob us. Rebecca was able to give us information and details pertaining to what happened in our home that day. She was able to detail the inside of our home and give us information that was helpful in apprehending the suspects. We gleaned more information from Rebecca than we could learn from law enforcement. We feel that Rebecca has been given a remarkable gift and insight… We would recommend her to anyone seeking comfort and peace about their loved ones.

The Steven J. Poulos Family
Salt Lake City, Utah

…I am an attorney and I would like others to know that because of Rebecca, I have been successful in having my son’s death re-investigated. During this time, new evidence was found that has led to the arrest and pending trial for the accused.”

(Name withheld)
Salt Lake City, Utah

My fourteen year old daughter was missing and we were able to contact Rebecca. She was able to describe the car that my daughter had been riding in, the name of the male that was with our daughter and gave the description of the house as well as the name of the city where she could be found. The police were called and they were able to reunite our family.”

(Name withheld for security reasons)
Cottonwood Heights, Utah

We are so grateful for Rebecca and her gift. When our son unexpectedly crossed over, we were devastated. We wanted answer to our questions but the only person that could answer these questions was our son. We thought about finding a medium but really didn’t know how to go about it. Then one day it just all came together and we had a reading with Rebecca. It was such a great comfort just meeting with her and being able to communicate through her to our son. Now we have our answers and some comfort in knowing that our son still lives.

~ Jim and Kim Chatham
North Ogden, Utah

Rebecca is truly amazing. She gave me a reading knowing only my first name and telephone number. She was exact on every single thing she told me. She even told me the date my son died, what he looked like, how he died, every single point. Rebecca told me things he was saying to me through her and I knew without a doubt it was truly my son. Now she is helping me with information to help find the people who hit him through her Remote Viewing. I know deep within my heart that Rebecca is the absolute real thing, she is my Angel. There are not enough words to describe the trust and belief I have in Rebecca. Thank you Rebecca so very much.

~ Sue Sabanal
Hayward, California